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The Jenna Lowe Story
Read about Jenna Lowe's inspirational story and how you can help fund her lifesaving medication
The Jenna Lowe Story
I Need More Time
"The story behind this song is awe inspiring. Jenna Lowe, a beautiful, bright 18 year old wrote it and it is sung by her 15 year old sister Krisiti. Jenna found out last year that it wasn't asthma she was suffering from but rather a degenerative, incurable lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertension."
The Jenna Lowe Story
We all know that living with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) is a difficult road to travel - even tougher it seems if you are diagnosed and living somewhere like South Africa where the required medications aren’t registered nor available. But one young girl is challenging this and making inroads in the most dedicated and inspiring way.

Jenna Lowe is a beautiful, courageous 18 year old who was diagnosed at 17 with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH). She was first misdiagnosed with Asthma for 18 months before final diagnosis via a VQ scan and a catheterised angiogram.

Since that day in May 2012, this gorgeous teenager’s life has been turned upside down. Many of the drugs needed to prolong her life are not available in South Africa. Along with her other therapies (blood thinners, Sildenafil and Oxygen), Jenna's parents, Stuart and Gabi Lowe, have fought long and hard to import Bosentan for Jenna. But South African Medical Control Council approval to import the drug not only takes months of paperwork each time but the cost is exorbitant - over R30 000 per month because of an unfavourable Rand to Euro exchange rate.

Jenna, however, is a fighter and taking matters into her own hands she wrote a song to capture her emotions of what it’s like to live with this debilitating condition. Fittingly, the song, “I Need More time" is sung by her 15-year old sister, Kristi Lowe. Since the launch - - it went to number three on the South African iTunes chart within a day - - the sisters have taken local media by storm in their drive to raise awareness of PH and to help their parents raise money for her much needed medication.

Visit Jenna's website to find out more about these two incredible sisters at the southern tip of Africa who are part of our PH Community at

Jenna also blogs about living with PPH: write of passage.

You can also help by downloading "I Need More Time" by Kristi Lowe from ITunes. Here is a YouTube link to a video the family has produced with the story behind the song:*|YOUTUBE:[$vid=i0WiD_zujyM]|*
And another YouTube link to a video of Kristi singing the song in front of thousands of rugby union supporters at Newlands Rugby Stadium just before the kick-off of the Bulls vs Stormers Super15 game:*|YOUTUBE:[$vid=2BIsM5zpl30]|*
To read more about Jenna and her story please click the button below.
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You Can Help!
Help Jenna fund her lifesaving medication
Jenna's medication is not currently funded in South Africa.
"I Need More Time" from the iTunes store and share the link with your friends and family;
Pledge your support to the Jenna Lowe Trust by following the the link below;
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